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AIP is a comprehensive organized group that was founded on the ideas, resources and tools to move the independent pharmacies back into control of today's market. AIP’s perspective is that independent pharmacies are more powerful than the largest chain. However, the smallest chain pharmacy has more buying power than the largest indepe-ndent buying group. AIP understands that the only way to move the profession forward is for independent pharmacist to be selective and conscientious when choosing an independent organized group such as co-op, GPO, non-profit association or any other buying groups. The group must be progressive and have the independent pharmacist’s interest at the forefront. Independent pharmacies that are passive about their group and what they have to offer stand to lose a great deal of market.

In the 21st century, the success of independent pharmacies will greatly depend on a shift in paradigm and the ability to organize into an aggressive and diversified group. The dyn-amics that impact the growth of retail, LTC and specialty pharmacies is at best; overwhe-lming, confusing and time consuming. The survival of independent pharmacies mandates adapting and maneuvering in the industry with the most up to date information. The ind-ependent pharmacist needs freedom to rapidly re-negotiate contracts, and the ability to control the cost of goods.

Today’s independent pharmacies are adversely impacted by old paradigms. This has made it possible for big box chains, mail order and managed care to eat away at their profits. Today, many independent pharmacists spend their time managing like dollar stores, chasing after the aspirin, vitamins and Zestril. In their day to day operation, precious time is spent on searching and comparing cost of goods. They sit wondering how they can recover from the next wave of assaults on independent pharmacies. The most important asset of belonging to the AIP is that you are a part of a force in the political and legislative action that supports the survival of independent pharmacies.

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