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Brand Pharmaceuticals

Understanding that each stage of the brand pharmaceutical lifecycle requires a unique marketing approach, Cardinal Health and H. D. Smith is committed to developing customized solutions that drive product sales for our brand manufacturer partners.Cardinal Health and H. D. Smith’s provides rapid delivery of significant new brand pharmaceutical products to program participants. Rapid distribution provides an efficient vehicle for the release of significant new FDA-approved products, enabling brand manufacturers to realize more immediate results from the express dispersal.

Generic Pharmaceuticals

Cardinal Health and H. D. Smith’s extensive generic pharmaceutical portfolio is accessible to community pharmacies nationwide.Cardinal Health and H. D. Smith extends the sales reach of generic manufacturers by driving exceptional customer contract compliance

Specialty Pharmaceuticals

Specialty pharmacy is a rapidly growing market for which Cardinal Health, H. D. Smith and Smith Medical Partners are well equipped to service. We are licensed to distribute specialty products, vaccines and injectibles with next day delivery to all 50 states. Whether your product is dispensed through a pharmacy, physician, clinic or other healthcare facility, we leverage a seasoned sales staff to communicate new product launches and promotional opportunities to drive sales for our manufacturer partners.