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One of the main mission of the AIP founders is to compete effectively against national chains, mail order firms, managed care contracts, and they felt the combined volume of a large number of independent pharmacies would give AIP the leverage needed to provide its members with the lowest costs of goods possible.

AIP constantly monitors pricing from full line and generic manufacturers and is endorsed by HD Smith as its primary pharmacy wholesaler. Because our members are using HD Smith as their primary wholesaler they enjoy the lowest cost of goods possible. AIP allows our members to benefit and act like a chain while maintaining their independent identity.

While a low cost of goods is important, AIP also does everything possible to make the business lives of our members easier:

  • Whether it is complying with HIPAA rules
  • Fraud Waste & Abuse regulations
  • accredited for Medicare Billing,
  • AIP researches
  • new regulations or programs.

AIP also provides at no cost to its members free membership in: the National Community Pharmacy Association (NCPA), Pharmacy Audit Assistance Service (PAAS), DEA