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Most of these groups have directories or referral services available online. Aside from these medical boards and professional societies, you need to be cautious of the sources you are using for your research. Those Web sites that pop up first on a search of “breast surgery” are not necessarily the most credible sources of information. Many directories, physician finder, and listing services available online are commonly subscription services where a physician pays to be listed, and there may be no requirement or screening of credentials.

Informed consent the process a patient is taken through that defines a procedure prescribed to treat a condition, the risks and potential outcomes of the procedure, and a patient’s potential alternatives. Informed consent is a legal term, one that began in the 1950s to protect and educate people who volunteered to be the subjects of medical research. These documents were designed to explain: • • • • The nature of the research The specific anticipated outcomes The known risks That there was potential for unknown outcomes as risk factors • That the research subject or patient, fully and voluntarily accepted all of the above Today “informed consent” doesn’t have a much different meaning than it had at its onset, but it is applied to many more situations than medical research.

Another thing to review with a provider is his or her preand post-treatment photographs of similar cases. You should feel comfortable asking questions about the results in those photographs and how they were achieved. In addition to credentials, experience, and outcomes, your personal experience is a very important factor in choosing a breast surgery provider. You should feel welcomed, comfortable, and secure in your provider’s office. You should also be confident that you are safe and will be compassionately cared for.

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