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Précis d'électricité: L'essentiel du cours. Exercices corrigés

Cet ouvrage suggest un cours d'électricité de niveau L1/L2. Le cours, concis, clair et pédagogique, est ponctué de rubriques "En bref" qui signalent les notions importantes à retenir. Dans chaque chapitre, de nombreux exercices basés sur des situations concrètes permettent de se préparer aux épreuves.

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S. society approaches the institution of marriage in a moralistic manner is certainly inf luenced by religion, it may have more to do with idealism and societal trends than with selfrighteousness or an ingrained belief in achieving fidelity at all costs. America’s “social contract” does not bind it to blind religious regulation, but it does promote the well-being of society as a whole. S. S. Constitution was by a historical accident not drawn up in 1887 where it would have likely contained provisions acknowledging the strong spirit of religious belief and practice, it was actually drawn up at the high tide of the eighteenth century secularism, which was as yet unpolluted by the fanatical atheism and bloody excess of its culminating storm, the French Revolution .

How each culture reacts to adultery and how each culture handles adultery within society is inf luenced by factors that are beyond the obvious links to religion and moral judgment. For example, in the United States, Generation X, knee-deep in its child bearing years, is less likely than its parents’ generation to have affairs and more likely to be monogamous even outside marriage (Montague and Harlow 2007). This shift has less to do with American conservatism, contrary to what many would believe, and is more a response to the sexual behavior of the prior generation.

Eventually she hit the mother lode. The file was under the woman’s maiden name. She had been drunk during their first sexual encounter and couldn’t remember it, so over instant messages Julia’s husband recounted the entire episode in details. (109–110) French and American Sexual Behavior 33 The level of detail and transparency desired and insisted upon by many spurned American spouses is unmatched in France. A recent article in Le Monde holds that Americans have an obsession with transparency and “fidelity at all costs,” a result that comes from the youth of the United States and its social contract (Bruckner 2008).

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