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By Gord Breedyk, Wayne Tebb, Werner Voight, Werner Voigt

The outstanding tale of a guy who was once born in Germany and determined, as a tender guy, to to migrate to Africa.  His ebook describes sixty years reports as a settler, durning which he built plantations for his staff and eventually for himself.  He and his family members skilled many hardships, disappointments and rewards whereas residing in East Africa from 1926 to 1986.

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Among them were magicians who did all sorts of tricks. I specifically remember one who made chickens disappear. Young boys swam around the ship, eagerly urging the passengers to throw coins into the water. They dived expertly for these treasures, laughing as they resurfaced, and showed them to the passengers. The travellers had their fun and the boys earned some money. Port Said was the home of the then well-known shop of Simon Arzt. His shop offered the passengers their last chance to buy anything they needed for the tropics.

The year was 1926. For a few months following graduation, I worked on the college farm. One day I was called to the telephone. “It’s urgent,” they told me. ” The caller turned out to be none other than the director of the College, Professor Fabarius. “Mr. Voigt,” he asked me, “do you want to go to East Africa? If so, you’ll have to go immediately to Berlin and see Dr. Hindorf. ” Well, that was a surprise! Germany was still in the throes of massive inflation. People literally needed wheelbarrows full of money to buy food.

We passed beyond Mr. Keuhne’s farm and from then on we were in the real bush. From time to time we passed a small village. Each was a small cluster of thatched huts amongst the palms, around them fields of bananas, manioc and rice. When we came to small rivers, we just had to cross our fingers and drive through the water hoping that we would not get stuck. Occasionally there were little timber bridges, just a few poles with sticks on top, lashed together with lianas. Often sticks were missing and then Ali, who worked for Konrad, cut down a few appropriate trees nearby, fixed the bridge, and on we went.

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