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This complete method of the construction of software program platforms charts a street via process modelling concepts, permitting software program engineers to create software program assembly very easy requisites: first of all, that the software program process represents a slim emulation of the association procedure that served as its version; and secondly that the software program process monitors lifestyles attributes similar to these of the association process that it automatizes. the result's a quantum bounce raise in software program program caliber. Such gain is completed by way of the advent of a primary paradigm: the office-floor metaphor which contains such well-balanced uncomplicated rules because the sensible normalization of initiatives and data (in sharp distinction to the vintage info normalization) and the primary of tenant-ownership

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SQL)); moreover they are set-oriented in the sense that they operate on a set of rows and not just one row in isolation. The above definition is not sufficient though. In the relational model as promulgated by Codd, tables are not to be linked. But, in true life, tables are not independent! A table of employees certainly has some relationship with a table of departments, otherwise how can we express the fact that an employee works in a department? Relationalists said that such a fact must be expressed by means of fields only.

Next, there are tables that may have a primary key of composite nature made of a foreign key (possibly of more than one column) and some sequence number. Such tables are detail tables or characteristic tables. For instance, an order line table which has a primary key composed of an order number and a line number, but where the order number is a reference to the order table (the order lines are of a particular order). Then there are tables whose primary key is composed of only foreign keys (each of them possibly comprising many columns), a compound key, which are called associations.

20 CHAPTER 1 - The State of the House While we perform the decomposition, we will also have to investigate the data structures that our problem requires. Such data structures will also be seen starting with a very abstract view down to a very concrete view. In other words, there is also an important notion of data abstraction. For instance, the sub-problem {get a wiring diagram} uses the data structure wiring diagram; of this data structure it is not important, at this level, to know how it is implemented nor how it is manipulated.

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