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By Michael Friedman

Starting with a disagreement in 1929 in Switzerland, Michael Friedman examines how the paintings of 3 pivotal philosophers advanced and intertwined over a number of years, eventually giving upward thrust to 2 very varied colleges of suggestion - analytic philosophy and continental. the writer explores the clashes that set them aside as they built their very own radical new rules.

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In mathematical natural science, however, the problem is to describe the spatio-tempol'al empirical world of experience by precisely such pure (atemporal) relational structures. This problem, unlike a purely mathematical problem, can never be completely and definitively solved. On the contrary, the method of mathematical natural science essentially involves a never completed series of more and more accurate approximations, whereby we represent the 32 Chapter 3 object of natural science by successive\y more adequate pure re\ational structures.

1 am indebted to Kathleen Wright filr first calling my attention to this passage. Wright also pointed out to me that the noted Heidegger schobr Otto Püggder comments on this passage as filliows [Püggeler, 1991, pp. " Given that Carnap did not emigrate until December 1935, however, whereas Heidegger's lectures were ddivered in the summer of that year, Heidegger cannor be rd'erring to Carnap's emigration. Ir is more likdy, filr example, that he is rd'erring to Schlick's trip to Sranford in 1929, which is prominently mentioned in the fi)rward to WissC1Ischaftlichc Weltattffassttng (see note 22 above).

Pretty weil 25. [Ne:urath, 1932 (1981), pp. 572-3). Orthmar Spann was an e:spe:cially virule:nt Austrian-Catholic right-wing ide:ologue: of the: time:: compare: note: 7 'lbove:. 26. Se:e:, tor e:xamplc:, the: re:marks (made: in 1933) in [Ne:lIf

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