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By John L. Dornhoffer

This booklet, written by means of overseas specialists, is a close consultant to the Eustachian tube, with emphasis on these facets of such a lot relevance to the practitioner. the hole chapters record the scientific anatomy and supply crucial details on body structure, with rationalization of the recent version of tubal mechanics. prognosis and treatment for the patulous Eustachian tube are then mentioned, putting specified emphasis on a unique conservative remedy routine that has confirmed to be a step forward for sufferers with this medical syndrome. one more wide bankruptcy examines total functionality of the Eustachian tube, basically from the center ear surgeon’s standpoint. Tuboplasty approaches, together with laser tuboplasty, and tympanoplasty are defined, and the results of other center ear pathologies for surgical operation are defined. The formerly unpublished therapy equipment which are defined during this publication can be precious in making sure the absolute best scientific outcomes.

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E) Geniohyoid muscles. (f) Mylohyoid muscles In addition to an examination of the teeth and parodontium, the dental analysis includes the examination of the masticatory and cervical muscles and of the temporomandibular joints. The aim is to differentiate between arthrogenic, myogenic or combined disturbances [173]. The dental evaluation also examines the occlusion, the mobility of the mandible with maximum mouth opening and maximum protrusion, laterotrusion and retrusion, the observation of noise and pain in the temporomandibular joints, active and passive muscle characteristics such as thickness, force and inhomogeneities (masseter, anterior/medial/posterior temporal, 36 3 Pathophysiology of the Eustachian Tube: The Patulous Eustachian Tube Fig.

Valsalva’s manoeuvre, Otovent® balloon insufflation in children) (Fig. 9). If these conservative procedures fail, surgery is recommended. The surgical treatment consists of removing all the retracted epithelium of the tympanic membrane. This type of surgery is one of the most delicate operations in the middle ear. If keratinized squamous epithelium is left, an iatrogenic cholesteatoma will result. The Eustachian tube may be probed, and at least the middle ear orifice should be inspected. Tube probing should be done very gently and should not be forced at any time.

The extent of required imaging depends on the need for visualization of the disturbance. Although a plain radiograph (Schüller’s view) can be obtained to get information on the middle ear space aeration status, CT scanning of the temporal bone affords more precise visualization. If information about the Eustachian tube’s soft tissue is needed, MRI scanning is necessary. A complete audiometric evaluation, including pure tone and speech audiometry and speech discrimination, should be performed on all patients prior to middle ear surgery.

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