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By Normand Baillargeon

Title note: unique identify Petit cours d'autodéfense intellectuelle
Publish yr note: First released in 2005

What is the connection among democracy and demanding considering? What needs to a citizen in a democracy recognize to make the notice democracy significant?

In A brief path in highbrow Self-Defense, historian and educator Normand Baillargeon presents readers with the instruments to determine during the spin and jargon of daily politics and information reporting with a purpose to come to a decision for themselves what's at stake and the way to invite the mandatory inquiries to shield themselves from the manipulations of the govt. and the media.

Whether the problem be the decision to what we’re advised might be a cold struggle, the "debate" round clever layout, or the which means of an army expenditure, Baillargeon teaches readers to guage info and type truth from respectable and media spin.

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