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By Rachel Lee

Whilst her husband's homicide forces Cory Farland into the Witness safeguard application, she has to make a clean begin in a brand-new position. In Conard County, she has no prior. till former military captain Wade Kendrick strikes in. The enigmatic ex-SEAL reawakens passion…and dares Cory to dream of a future.He cannot run forever…Wade did not come to the Wyoming small city to play bodyguard. yet Cory wishes a boarder and he wishes a spot to decompress. And now the guarded widow is arousing whatever that is going deeper than his protecting instincts. With Cory's lifestyles below the gun, there is not whatever Wade will not do to maintain her secure and declare the affection that can redeem them both….

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Of course, she wasn’t volunteering anything, either. “I guess, if you think it’s worth it,” she finally said. ” She needed the money, and she trusted Gage. Battering down the fear that never entirely left her, not even in her dreams, she said, “Go take a look at the room. It’s upstairs. ” The man rose and without another word headed up the stairs at the rear of the living room. Cory glanced at Gage, feeling her heart flutter a little. Panic? Fear? She couldn’t tell anymore, since the only feelings she had left were bad ones.

That was where her safety lay, not in locks and alarm systems. She heard Wade come down the stairs. This time she made herself look at him. He hadn’t changed, but she felt a shiver of fear anyway. This was still the man Gage had felt safe bringing into her life, and he might be big and appear ready to kill with his bare hands, but Gage trusted him. And she trusted Gage. “I need to give you a key and show you the alarm code, Mr. Kendrick,” she said. Her voice sounded weak, but at least it was steady.

I guess not. ” “But I’m going to get a dog,” Marsha said with sudden determination. “Tomorrow, I’m getting a dog. ” Then she gave a tinny laugh. ” “It’ll help. And if I’m this nervous after all this time, I guess I need the help. ” That meant going out, and Gage had told her not to. But that had been before he decided the calls were a prank. ” “Okay. ” As if she knew anything about dogs. ” “Okay. Thanks, Cory. ” When Cory hung up, she found Wade sipping his coffee, quietly attentive. After a moment’s hesitation, she decided to explain.

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