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By Andrea Macchi

The continual pattern in the direction of better and better laser intensities has opened how to new actual regimes and complex purposes of laser-plasma interactions, hence stimulating novel connections with ultrafast optics, astrophysics, particle physics, and biomedical purposes. This e-book is essentially orientated in the direction of scholars and younger researchers who have to collect speedily a simple wisdom of this lively and quickly altering learn box. To this objective, the presentation is concentrated on a range of simple versions and encouraging examples, and contains issues which emerged lately equivalent to ion acceleration, "relativistic engineering" and radiation friction. The contents are awarded in a self-contained method assuming just a easy wisdom of classical electrodynamics, mechanics and relativistic dynamics on the undergraduate (Bachelor) point, with no requiring any past wisdom of plasma physics. for that reason, the e-book may well serve in different methods: as a compact textbook for lecture classes, as a brief and available creation for the newcomer, as a brief reference for the skilled researcher, and likewise as an advent to a few nonlinear mathematical equipment via examples in their program to laser-plasma modeling.

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1 Linear Waves 39 for x > 0. g. Jackson 1998, Sect. 3) may be used to evaluate the amplitudes of reflected and transmitted waves from such a step boundary plasma. The latter is a reasonable model for the interaction of an ultrashort laser pulse with a solid target if the plasma expansion before and during λ. g. Bender and Orszag 1999, Chap. 10). The wave Eq. 4) also allows solutions for longitudinal, electrostatic (ES) waves having ∇ × E = 0, ∇ · E = 0 and B = 0. e. the electrons oscillate along the direction of the wavevector.

An integral over d 2 r that is x-independent (in our case x plays the role of time). Two of such conserved integrals, which will be useful for our case, are ∞ H= 0 |a| ˜4 |∇ ⊥ a| ˜2 − 2 16 d 2 r, ∞ P= |a| ˜ 2 d 2 r. 35), to the conservation of energy for a system whose Lagrangian does not depend explicitly on time. The conservation of P comes instead from “gauge” invariance: the Lagrangian is unaffected if the fields are multiplied by a phase factor eiε . e. to the pulse power that is conserved along the beam path.

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