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Sebastian Case will depend on his irreplaceable assistant for every thing. yet given that arriving in Vegas for a convention, mousy Missy Ward has reworked herself. From usual to ravishing. From modest and reserved to daring and sensual. And Sebastian, who'd slightly spotted she was once a girl, unearths himself dazzled via her allure.Now she's quitting and Sebastian will do whatever to maintain her. together with accepting her outrageous wager. One spin of the roulette wheel—black and she'll stay…red and Sebastian owes her one evening of ardour. What can he lose, other than perhaps his center?

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Was he laughing at her? Missy surveyed his expression. Neutral. No amusement crinkled the skin around his eyes or curved his lips. She began again. “I mean, we’ve already done a couple things…” She ran out of words about the same time she ran out of bravado. ” Grabbing her by the hips, he rolled until she sat on him. ” Where a second earlier she’d been exhausted, being on top inspired a rush of exhilaration. ” His eyes burned with scarcely banked desire as he watched her. ” A second later he’d rolled her beneath him once again.

Then, settling back between her thighs, he leaned forward and with the tip of his tongue licked the seam where her inner leg and body came together. Her hips bucked. Her wild, unrestrained movements made him want to forget the preliminaries and take her. But he held his own needs in check. He was the one setting the tone here. The one in charge. By the end of the night she would learn what happened when she provoked him. It was a mistake she would never make again. He set his mouth against her.

Sebastian sank onto the stool, unable to believe what he was seeing. Where were her glasses? Her eyes, the rich hazel of a mossy grotto, watched him with open curiosity, waiting for him to say or do something. ” he demanded, struggling to pull free of the whirlpool of attraction he’d been sucked into. ” She nudged the shot glass toward him. ” He swallowed the tequila without tasting it. The alcohol’s burn was a mild discomfort compared to the inferno raging elsewhere in his body. At some point in the six hours since they’d gotten off the plane, she’d freed her lush, auburn hair from its long thick braid and cut off twelve inches.

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