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By Spike Milligan

'At Victoria station the R.T.O. gave me a shuttle warrant, a white feather and an image of Hitler marked 'This is your enemy'. I searched each compartment, yet he wasn't at the train'. Spike Milligan's at the march, blitzing pal and foe alike together with his uproarious reminiscences of military existence from enlistment to the touchdown at Algiers in 1943. Bathos, pathos and gales of drunken laughter, and insane army goonery explode in superlative Milliganese.

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Look sir,” said Neat, hopefully. ” “Finished? Right! ” Nead stood tottering for a moment. ” This got him another fourteen daps on top of the fifty-six. After this he was posted. Where to? The Tower Armoury. Gunner Herman Frick was our hypochondriac. He wanted out. O. gave him three aspirins. Which is the Army way of saying you’re a bloody liar. “The doctor’s anti-Semitic,” raged Frick. ” He smeared the soles of his feet with Brylcreem, then stood on a piece of paper. ” “You’re too bleeding fat, mate,” said Gunner Knot.

Zero hour. Tension mounting. A Lance Bombardier was arrested for sneezing. A Jewish gunner fainted on religious grounds. Lieutenant Budden was stung by a bee; lashing out with his hand, he struck Captain Martin’s pipe, driving the stem down his throat, leaving just the bowl protruding from his lips and fumigating his nose. Disaster! ↓ of Signals, reported the line to the gun position had got a break. ≡ Assistant Instructor. Signallers Devine and White, who would do anything for a break, set off.

We took the drums, and camouflaged them by painting on the Artillery Crest. Kidgell soon got the hang of the drums, and lo! we were a quartet! After a month’s practice, Captain Martin asked could we play for a dance. ” GAD’ this was the big time! Saturday, The Old Town Church Hall, Bexhill! who knows next week, Broadway! In entertainment starved Bexhill, the dance was a sell-out. The old corrugated iron Hall was packed to suffocation; there were old women. kids, officers, gunners, various wives, very much a village dance affair.

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