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Scenarios, Stories, Use Cases: Through the Systems Development Life-Cycle

This ebook covers plenty of other ways that situations and person tales were utilized in a number of industries. i am partial to the technique and so favored all the various viewpoints. The e-book does be afflicted by being written from a number of authors with diverse agendas, and you can no longer locate whatever of price in the entire chapters.

The Language of Machines: An Introduction to Computability and Formal Languages

An up to date, authoritative textual content for classes in concept of computability and languages. The authors redefine the development blocks of automata thought through providing a unmarried unified version encompassing all conventional varieties of computing machines and "real international" digital desktops. This reformulation of computablity and formal language idea presents a framework for construction a physique of information.

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Via delivering a proper semantics for Z, this publication justifies the declare that Z is an actual specification language, and offers a regular framework for realizing Z requisites. It makes an in depth theoretical comparability among schemas, the Z build for breaking requirements into modules, and the analogous amenities in different languages reminiscent of transparent and ASL.

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Combine(exp(x)^2*exp(y),exp); e(2 x+y) 38 • Chapter 2: Mathematics with Maple: The Basics > combine((x^a)^2, power); x(2 a) The map Command This command is useful when working with lists, sets, or arrays. It provides a means for working with multiple solutions or for applying an operation to each element of an array. The map command applies a command to each element of a data structure or expression. While it is possible to write program structures such as loops to accomplish these tasks, you should not underestimate the convenience and power of the map command.

1 The Maple solve Command • 53 f := x → 2 x3 + x > f(1); 3 The RootOf Command Maple occasionally returns solutions in terms of the RootOf command. The following example demonstrates this point. > solve({x^5 - 2*x + 3 = 0},{x}); {x = RootOf(_Z 5 − 2 _Z + 3, index = 1)}, {x = RootOf(_Z 5 − 2 _Z + 3, index = 2)}, {x = RootOf(_Z 5 − 2 _Z + 3, index = 3)}, {x = RootOf(_Z 5 − 2 _Z + 3, index = 4)}, {x = RootOf(_Z 5 − 2 _Z + 3, index = 5)} RootOf(expr ) is a placeholder for all the roots of expr. This indicates that x is a root of the polynomial z 5 − 2z + 3, while the index parameter numbers and orders the solutions.

The concatenation operator, “||”, or the cat command is used to join two strings together, and the length command is used to determine the number of characters in a string. StringTools help page. 6 Expression Manipulation Many Maple commands concentrate on manipulating expressions. This includes manipulating results of Maple commands into a familiar or useful form. This section introduces the most commonly used commands in this area. The simplify Command You can use this command to apply simplification rules to an expression.

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