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By Lorenzo Dominioni, Angelo Benevento, Giulio Carcano, Giuseppe Peloni, Renzo Dionigi (auth.), Everardo Zanella (eds.)

General surgical procedure is composed ofa major corpus of propaedeutic components and scientific difficulties, which has been converted through the years via the separate improvement of diverse sub-specialistic branches. even though a typical foundation at the physiopathology of surgical trauma and publish­ operative problems persists, because of basic wisdom of surgical illnesses, there's no doubt that during the spheres of doctrine and alertness, either study and medical drugs have exceptional themselves autonomously in lots of surgical fields (orthopedics, neurosurgery, cardiovascular surgical procedure, thoracic surgical procedure, urology, etc.). it truly is consequently tough to outline the current configuration ofgeneral surgical procedure, yet with out query stomach surgical procedure occupies a place of pre-eminent significance in the basic framework. we're dealing, actually, with pathological photographs which take place in a bit ofthe physique ofvast proportions, during which buildings, organs, and morphologically advanced areas are prepared to hold out very important services. they're, consequently, topic to significantly advanced pathological changes, reminiscent of to set up a fascinating box of diagnostic dialogue and a thrilling training-ground for surgical job. it may be affirmed that the analysis and therapies ofabdominal surgical ailments represent a attempt ofthe surgeon's adventure. analysis is usually entrusted to a differential method, the implications ofwhich should be proven this present day by means of complementary diagnostics. This, in spite of the fact that, has to be guided through predominating medical issues, the exaggerated use of diagnostic recommendations, indifferent from scientific exam, being the reason for very critical blunders, that can deceive choice making and human touch, that is the root ofcorrect clinical practice.

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Acute acalculous cholecystitis. An increasing entity. Ann Surg 1982; 195:131-6 2. Savoca PE, Longo WE, Zucker KA, McMillen MM, Modlin 1M. The increeasing prevalence of acalculous cholecystitis in outpatients. Ann Surg 1990;211 :433-7 3. Duncan J. Femoral hernia: gangrene of the gallbladder; extravasation of bile; peritonitis; death. NorthMedJ; 1811;2:151 4. Hoerr SO, Hazard JB. Acute cholecystitis without gallbladder stones. Am J Surg 1966; II :47-55 5. Shwartz IS, Mendelow H, Winkler I. Polyarteritis nodosa presenting as acute cholecystitis.

Stenotrophomonas maltophilia exibited the antimicrobial susceptibility patterns typical of this organism, including susceptibilities to quinolones, ticarcillinclavulanate and trimethoprim-sulfamethoxazole, and a high level of resistance to imipenem. Cefatizidime was active against 50% of S. maltophilia isolates. In recent years, increasing rates of enterobacteriaceae, primarily Klebsiella pneumoniae strains, resistant to all cephalosporins except cephamycin, due to "estended spectrum" ~-Lactamases (ESBLs), have been reported.

Opelz and Terasaki demonstrated that blood transfusion before surgery for kidney transplant may prolong graft survival. The direct relationship between the number of blood units transfused and better survival was also documented [5-6]. On the other hand, blood transfusion could delay wound and anastomotic healing by the same mechanism. In Europe, during the early nineties, 60 to 80% of patients who underwent major surgical procedures received blood transfusions [7]. During the last ten years, several papers concerning the high incidence of post-operative infection related to blood transfusion have been published In this study we considered patients who underwent major abdominal surgery for cancer: 47,6% of our patients suffered from at least one post-operative infective complication.

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