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This fantastically illustrated ebook describes how options formerly constructed by means of Dr. Rollin Daniel to be used in open rhinoplasty will be tailored to be used within the closed process. it's the author’s opinion that this mix deals larger suggestions in the course of surgical procedure, a shorter restoration interval and shortage of scar. complete clarification is equipped of preoperative coaching, together with assessment of the nasal floor aesthetics utilizing the concept that of geometric polygons as aesthetic subunits to outline either the prevailing deformity and the cultured pursuits. The surgical recommendations built and transformed to accomplish the specified floor visual appeal are then defined step-by-step because of a wealth of colour pictures. it really is illustrated how the unconventional dissection and redrape keep an eye on tools lessen the therapeutic time and improve end result and an in depth sequence of case analyses is gifted to rfile the advantages of the process. The ebook is written in a “cookbook structure” that may permit plastic surgeons fast to profit the right way to make the most of the closed method of rhinoplasty to optimum aesthetic benefit.

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You should have an esthetician who performs skin care without bruising the skin. In my office I have an esthetician who performs skin care on the nose skin before and after surgery. In the picture below you can see a patient’s photo before the surgery on the left, one month after the operation in the middle, and after skin care on the right. There has been an increase in the patient’s oily skin. In my opinion, an increase in the skin’s oil negatively affects the skin. 1 Photography Archive I open a folder with the patient’s name during the patient consultation and save the photos I take in that folder.

In the photo below you can see the lateral view of the patient before surgery, the computer design and the result after one month. The computer design cannot show a perfect result, but starting surgery without a design is similar to building without a ground plan. Planning the main steps of your operation with the help of computer design is rational. If necessary, you can make small changes. 2 Surgery Notes and Archiving 17 2 Surgery Notes and Archiving I prefer to write surgery notes with words that a computer can read.

Patient Example Below you can see the photos of a patient who has had a fat injection into her forehead 13 months before. Note the relationship between the patient’s eyebrow tip and radix. The transition between forehead and nose was corrected without deepening the radix. As this patient’s skin is very thin, the supra-tip break point became more obvious than normal. A revision is planned. Please note the reduced image of the exophalmus. 22 1 Preoperative 5 Forehead Fat Grafting Patient Example With the fat injection into the forehead the nose looks smaller.

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