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By Raul Loeb M.D. (auth.)

At final, a whole reference detailing the most usually played beauty facial strategies - aesthetic blepharoplasty. In Aesthetic surgical procedure of the Eyelids, Dr. Loeb stocks his 30 years of expertise within the box. This targeted quantity distills the confirmed recommendations of an the world over revered plastic healthcare professional. The "Scleral express" bankruptcy is the main whole remedy in this subject and the part on surgical correction of melancholy deformities masterfully demonstrates the author's unique suggestions. Aesthetic surgical procedure of the Eyelids is an fundamental software for all beauty and reconstructive plastic surgeons.

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Bony bulges Skin Bulges (Looseness) Two or three of these bulges can be found simultaneously in the same individual. When this happens, they all should be treated in one surgical procedure. However, it is also possible to find only one of the above types of bulges in a patient, for instance, the fat bulges in a young patient who does not yet show skin looseness. In this case, after making the diagnosis, the problem is resolved by the removal of the excess fat alone. Care should be paid to the influence that the resection of one type of bulge can have on another type.

Bulges of the Skin, Fat, Muscle, and Bone Tissue Introduction Bulges in the eyelids, better known as baggy eyelids, can give a look of tiredness and/or aging to the face. They are very common occurrences and can exist at almost any age. The bulges most commonly found are those caused by hypertrophy of the fat pockets. But there are also other types of bulges in the eyelids: those caused by excess of skin, of muscle, and of bony tissues (Fig. 1). Each of these bulges has its own characteris- tics, and each must be handled in its own specific manner.

Lower Eyelid. Either subcutaneous ormyocutaneous undermining is used (Rees, 1981), but the former is rare because it can cause major scleral show or ectropion. 16. In the upper lid, the incision above the mesial angle of the eye should have an upward trend in order not to coincide with the epicanthal fold. 18. 17. Recommended distance between the lateral extremities of the incisions in the upper and lower lids. This will help to prevent contractures. FIGURE The dotted lines show the lateral extention of the incision lines used in the correction of "crow's- 1967), and is the preferred procedure.

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