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By Philip Wylie

After Worlds Collide selections up the tale of its predecessor, When Worlds Collide. This sequel tells the tale of the survivors' growth at the new global Bronson Beta after the destruction of Earth via a rogue planet.

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The crowd of people, delirious with joy, was trying to touch them and talk to them. All the crowd, that is, except those who had not yet recovered from the terrible smash-up of the landing—and those who would never recover. Ransdell had fainted for the first time in his life out of pure joy, pure ecstasy, and out of cosmic fatigue. He had scrambled to his feet in time to meet Tony’s rush toward him. ” Things like that. ” Tony had been able to answer, jubilantly: “Made it all right. ” Again the cheering rose and echoed in the night.

Their equipment would fit us; their floors and steps are on our scale. ” He tried the door, which was fitted with a handle; but this did not turn or budge, however pulled or pressed. There was no keyhole; no locking device was anywhere apparent; but the door was to be moved no more than those that they had tried before. Tony looked about. A shudder convulsed him. A thousand windows looked down on this stretch of the silent street; a thousand pairs of eyes once had looked down. It seemed to Tony that they must—they must do it again.

Reptiles of some strange, semi-human sort? What lay dead by the tens of thousands in those silent rooms overhead? Tony was pulling at his pistol. Somehow, it reassured him to hold it in his hand. He reversed it, and beat the butt on the great glass pane behind which stood the strange metal tables and chairs. The glass did not give way. It twanged, not like glass but like sheet metal—metal utterly transparent. Tony caught the butt in his palm, and he pulled the trigger. The shot roared and reechoed.

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