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By A. B. Bosworth

During this learn, Bosworth appears at Alexander the Great's actions in crucial Asia and Pakistan, drawing a bleak photograph of bloodbath and repression akin to the Spanish conquest of Mexico. He investigates the evolution of Alexander's perspectives of empire and notion of common monarch, and files the illustration of Alexander by means of historians of antiquity. The ebook is directed to experts and common readers alike.

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14, 6 = FGrH 138 F 20) the Indian advance force arrived after Alexander had made his last crossing onto firm ground. Aristobulus (Arr. 5. 14. 3 = FGrH 139 F 43) was more dramatic, and claimed that the Indian forces might actually have prevented the crossing. That was a blatant exaggeration of the danger. Arrian was clearly right to opt for Ptolemy's version, which gave a reasonably large reconnaissance force of Indians, strong enough to risk an engagement with the vanguard of Alexander's cavalry (Arr.

6. 77 Diod. 19. 43. 2, again confirmed by Plut. Eum. 16. 8-9. On Hieronymus as the source of the information see Hornblower, Hieronymus 190-3. 78 Diod. 19. 16. 1. Cf. R. H. Simpson, Historia 6 (1957) 504-5; Hornblower, Hieronymus 125-6. 28 The Shield of Achilles native irregulars. It was sixteen months before they were finally overrun by direct assault. These men were dangerous and none of them more than Alexander himself. He was no rearguard general. Indeed it could almost be said that where two or three were gathered in his name, there was he in the midst of them.

25). The Shield of Achilles 21 was no epic struggle of heroes, but a stark massacre, the annihilation of a relatively small and inexperienced army fatefully embroiled in a battle it had no chance of winning. This is hardly an isolated instance. There are many more incongruities of historical fact and report. Let us turn to another field and again invoke W. H. Auden: She looked over his shoulder For ritual pieties. White flower-garlanded heifers. Libation and sacrifice, But there on the shining metal Where the altar should have been She saw by his flickering forge-light Quite another scene.

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