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В последние семь лет своей жизни, Александр Великий становился все более и более непредсказуемым, подверженным спорадическим приступам ярости или маниакальной подозрительности не только к врагам, но и друзьям. Эта биография наиболее известного завоевателя древности отличается от других своим детальным анализом психологического развития Александра. В этой книге автор пользуется образным подходом к объекту своего исследования, избрав Диониса - бога вина и амбивалентности, структурой для обсуждения алкоголизма Александра и часто противоречивых черт его индивидуальности.
В своём исследовании автор рассматривает каждую значимую деталь, обсуждает культурные вкусы Александра, его религиозность, родителей, стремления, деяния, страхи, сексуальность и алкоголизм.Образцы сканов:

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Alexander was also inquisitive and knowledgeable. He may have surprised the Athenians with both his questions and his polished 26 ALEXANDER THE GREAT: THE INVISIBLE ENEMY remarks. He was capable of capturing the attention of the local sages by reciting obscure quotations from Homer or the Attic tragedians, and his devotion to Athena, the patron goddess of their city, must have impressed even the most supercilious of his hosts. These actions were not just for show, however. Athena played a major role in the religious observances of the Macedonian royal family.

The spirit of inquiry encouraged by Aristotle suited Alexander’s pragmatic cast of mind. Be wary of assumptions, Aristotle cautioned. Treat each situation as unique, and draw conclusions only after all of the evidence has been assembled and analyzed. Alexander would ultimately use this training, along with his gift for spontaneity, to accomplish one incredible military victory after another. The execution of Hermias occurred while Alexander was still in Aristotle’s company at Mieza. It inspired the philosopher to compose a “Hymn to Virtue,” in which he celebrated the arete (excellence) evidenced in his father-in-law’s life.

Olympias, for instance, might prevail upon her brother to defend the family’s honor and avenge the outrageous insults to which she had been subjected. Also, with his customary astuteness, Alexander THE COMING OF AGE IN MACEDONIA 29 had placed himself among Macedonia’s stalwart enemies, where he was in a position, if necessary, to launch an invasion against Philip. What prompted Philip to follow a course of action that guaranteed Olympias’ hostility and risked the alienation of his son and successor?

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