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By David Mumford

From the stories: "Although a number of textbooks on glossy algebraic geometry were released meanwhile, Mumford's "Volume I" is, including its predecessor the purple booklet of types and schemes, now as prior to essentially the most first-class and profound primers of contemporary algebraic geometry. either books are only precise classics!" Zentralblatt

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Note that this agrees with the degree of the restriction of the map g to ˙j . In general, it is extremely difficult to determine either the geometric monodromy mgeom;˚ , or the algebraic monodromy representation M˚ , hence it is hard to recover information about the global Milnor fibration. @DÁ n ˚ ; b0 / is non-abelian, in general. Nevertheless, the fundamental group of a small tubular neighbourhood of @DÁ2 \ 1 in @DÁ2 is abelian, hence the fiber structure above it can be understood more easily.

U; v/ of P , fu D 0g represents E, fv D 0g represents Sa , and fi D u2 v2 . Consider g D y. Since y in the neighborhood of P can be represented as y D u2 (modulo a local invertible germ), fi C g k near P has the form u2 v2 C u2k . For example, if k D 2, then one needs one more blowing up in order to resolve fi C g k . fi / are onto. KX n Kf / (localized near the exceptional curve of genus 3) are different. 6. 9. x 3 y 2 / D 0g; 0/ and f1 D x 2 Cy k and f2 D x 2 y 3 C y k , where k 4. f2 /. 1 The General Theory of Cyclic Coverings In this section we review a graph-theoretical construction from [86].

The case of a fibered link K in a 3-manifold M has a special interest in purely topological discussions too. Links provided by singularity theory are usually fibered. M; K/ has a plumbed representation provided by a plumbing graph (decorated with Euler numbers and genera) and arrows (representing K). Additionally, p W M n K ! S 1 is a locally trivial fibration with a trivialization in a neighbourhood of K, cf. 7. S 1 ; Z/. In such a situation, we define a multiplicity system associated with the open book decomposition as follows.

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