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By Dave Isay

StoryCorps travels the United States, accumulating and keeping the tales of our lives. each one dialog is housed within the Library of Congress, and lots of are broadcast on NPR’s Morning variation, heard via thousands of listeners every one week. advised from the hearts, souls, and lives of person americans, those tales make us snigger, cry, imagine, think, and understand that we're all worthy hearing and remembering.

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Two people should remain two people but walk side by side. I’ve not become Elliot. Elliot has not become Hunny. We remain Hunny and Elliot. And to me, that’s important. Elliot: You made my life complete. And I hope we’ll go on for another fifty years. Hunny: I’ll take five good ones. ” Recorded in Brooklyn, New York, on May 15, 2010. indd 35 7/19/11 3:54 PM We have adjusted 1 line sink to avoid widow on next page S C O T T WA L L , 5 0 , talks with his wife, I S A B E L S O B O Z I N S K Y- WA L L , 5 2 Scott Wall: I was single and feeling lonely on New Year’s Eve.

Scott: On the plane back, I just said, This is it. This is the girl. But I didn’t know how to break it to you. How do we make this work? Over the phone I said I’d like to come out there for an extended stay, and see how it works. You were cautious but encouraging, and so I ended up selling everything I owned, pretty much, and drove out in Daisy, my 1966 Oldsmobile, to stay with you. Isabel: It took you almost a month. ” So I rushed home, and I opened the window: I’m like, There you are! Scott: It was really just the most incredible experience, coming all that way and knowing that I was going to see this beautiful girl that I had fallen in love with.

In the meantime we bought a farm with an old farmhouse on it. It was really hard. Chop the wood; keep the house heated. We never made enough money to make our ends meet. 1S Bill: I think we reached a point where we realized that R there were easier ways to earn money. ” And I said, “All I know how to do is take care of kids and handle eggs. ” Those were different times, you know. ” I went into the university and told them I was ready to come back to school. ” They were really shocked. ” Here I was, forty years old, looking like anything but a doctor—not even predoctorish—and you were off struggling to pay off the debts and raise the kids.

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