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For hundreds of phenotypes – from common diseases such as Crohn’s disease and myocardial infarction to physiological measurements such as birth weight, height, and body mass index (BMI) and biological measurements such as circulating lipid levels and blood eosinophil levels – GWAS have provided compelling statistical associations for hundreds of different loci in the human genome. Whether by linkage or GWAS, the identification of an associated disease is only the beginning of the work required to understand its role in the disease pathogenesis.

27). Integrin-mediated adhesion is an energy-requiring process that also depends on extracellular divalent cations. There are 18 α and 8 β known integrin chains. Although leukocytes express 13 different integrins, the most important for mediating leukocyte adhesion to endothelial cells are the β1, β2, and β7 integrins (Fig. 28). β1 integrins The β1 integrin VLA-4 (α4β1) is expressed on circulating leukocytes important to allergic inflammation (including eosinophils, T cells, basophils, mononuclear cells), but is not significantly expressed on neutrophils.

21; 3rd edition), Burton Zweiman, Paul M O’Byrne, Carl GA Persson, Martin K Church (Ch. 22; 3rd edition) to elements of the contents of this chapter covered in the 3rd edition. The chapter has been substantially revised for this 4th edition. Further reading Bochner BS, Gleich GJ. What targeting eosinophils has taught us about their role in diseases. J Allergy Clin Immunol 2010; 126:16–25. Finkelman FD, Hogan SP, Hershey GKK, et al. Importance of cytokines in murine allergic airway disease and human asthma.

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