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When Jacob Carter asks basic Hammond for SG-1's participation in a venture for the Tok'ra, it kind of feels just like the resolution to O'Neill's obstacle. The secretive Tok'ra are operating out of hosts, and Jacob believes he's came across the answer-but it capability O'Neill and his staff needs to danger their lives infiltrating a Goa'uld slave breeding farm to recruit people keen to hitch the Tok'ra.

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Spare me that beat-up slogan. Since the depth’s only ninety meters, we sent down a diver, in standard heliox gear. Well—ever heard a man screaming in helium?  . “When we got him up and he was able to talk again, he said the entire rig was covered by an octopus. He swore it was a hundred meters across. ” “Much too risky. ” “We did get a glimpse of a tentacle—but no way of judging its size. ” “Very funny. My guess is that it’s found a free lunch. ” Bradley did indeed. Far from being damaging to the environment, virtually all underwater artifacts were irresistibly attractive to marine life, and often became a target for fishing boats and a paradise for anglers.

Agreed,” Donald answered, somewhat reluctantly. “If we can cut out that cloud of smoke on the right. ” It was strange, he thought, how one thing could lead to another, and another, and another—and finally to a goal which seemed to have no possible connection with the starting point. The apparently intractable problem of eliminating smoke, and restoring hidden pixels in partially obliterated images, had led Edith into the world of Chaos Theory, of discontinuous functions, and trans-Euclidean meta-geometries.

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