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By Stephen Foster, Nicholas Bell

Ollie was once almost about cured of his basketcase habits;: the neurotic lurcher ultimately seemed to have his paws planted firmly at the flooring (well, almost). yet did Stephen Foster take a well-earned relaxation? no longer. He determined something used to be lacking from Ollie's lifestyles, an individual who may relatively comprehend him, a pal with whom he may have dog-to-dog chats. "If you need to get one other puppy get a girl," the specialists instructed Foster. So he bought a boy, a pure-bred Saluki lunatic referred to as Dylan. once the hot dog peered during the door, Ollie threw his grasp a glance of contemptuous disbelief that acknowledged, "I refuse to have whatever whatever to do with this. you are by yourself, pal." The riotously humorous alongside got here Dylan takes up the place Foster's bestselling strolling Ollie left off, yet rather than one canines conundrum, he is received : Dylan, the outlaw, proves to be almost untrainable; Ollie, feeling threatened, turns into more and more delinquent, and Foster is stuck within the center brooding about why man's...

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He is confident. We bit the bullet and took them out together. We kept Dylan on one of those long extension leads, the plan being that they could play a little, within limits. We let Ollie off, the usual routine for him. Here, at last, was the moment Ollie had been waiting for. He dived at Dylan. Some might say he was out to kill him, I would interpret it otherwise: he wanted to see what he was made of. Dogs know who’s who in dog world, and even though Dylan was a pup, Ollie would have ascertained in a moment that Dylan was a runner.

The idea was one I’d been worrying at for a while. The idea was to get a second dog. I’d had it in my mind for some time, that since Ollie (the subject of Walking Ollie) had become more or less normal, then what he really needed – to encourage and promote the normality – was a companion. Because I could already see him backsliding. Where, pre-normality, he used to be vaguely psychotic, post-normality he was beginning to show signs of going the other way, of becoming moody and withdrawn. I was not principally looking for a new dog for us, I was looking for a perk-me-up friend and companion for him.

Such greyhounds as we regularly encounter are, in the main, quiet, retired animals who do very little. Ollie will occasionally have a run with one of these, but only occasionally, because nine times out of ten the greyhounds can’t be bothered. It’s probable, in fact, that it’s his greyhound side that is responsible for the incipient lethargy. I looked around my neighbourhood. In a (single sample) proof of this theory I noted that the one greyhound we saw every day was an idler who slouched along behind his Master, a curmudgeon who walks with a stoop and who is never without a roll up that he spends most of his life relighting.

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