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Remembered lying in bed with him, her fingers lightly brushing over it just below the pit of his back. All she had to do was get him to undress! Well, she could always seduce him, Genevra thought on a mad wave of positive thinking; then softly laughed at herself. She was no femme fatale, practised in the art of seduction. There had only ever been Luke for her, and what had happened between them had simply happened because they both wanted it so much. A ripple of remembered pleasure coursed through her body, and Genevra hugged it tightly to herself, wanting it to last, wanting to capture it again.

The idea tortured Genevra for several moments before it was forcefully dismissed. It was madness to even contemplate it after what had happened between them tonight. She knew him... knew him to the very depths of her being, and there had to be some way of proving that Luke and Christian were one and the same person. She fretted over the problem until an answer slowly dawned. All she had to do was see his passport. Surely it would hold the truth. To adopt a false name in a foreign country where nobody knew you was a relatively simple matter, but she couldn't imagine it would be very simple to obtain a false passport.

Somehow, Genevra covered up her shock, nodding an acknowledgement of the reply before turning her gaze back to the chauffeur's head. As hurt welled over the shock, she looked out the side window, pretending an interest in their route. Not any more... so what was he? Divorced? Widowed? And why the look of sadness? The fact of the marriage hurt badly enough, although he had spelled it out to her in the letter. But the sadness! Why should he feel sad about the end of a marriage he hadn't wanted?

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