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There is a standard trust that until eventually lately americans have most well liked isolation to curiosity in distant parts comparable to Southeast Asia. This thesis might be verified via interpreting the background of yankee relatives with a spot at the contrary aspect of the globe from the U.S.. any such land is Sumatra. it truly is one of many biggest islands on the planet. Its I66,789 sq. mile region exceeds that of the 3rd greatest American country, California, and is greater than Italy. mendacity midway world wide from the us, its I050 mile size is nearly divided by means of the equator, which runs throughout it for 285 miles. Sumatra's strategic significance is two-fold. first of all, it's the first island stepping stone from the Asiatic mainland into the Australasian archipelago. This was once validated in I942 whilst the U.S. stationed planes on Sumatra in an try to stem the japanese enhance southward. Secondly, it lies athwart the shortest sea routes from jap Asia to Europe and the japanese usa. Sumatra's southern tip types one part of the Straits of Sunda which guards the entry to the Java, China and Philippine Seas. on the island's northern tip is the doorway to the Straits of Malacca, the shortest sea lane be­ tween the close to and much East. the outlet of the Suez Canal in I869 shifted the shortest path among the some distance East and the Western international from the Sunda to the Malacca Straits.

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55 Following World War II Indonesian mining operations were resumed with two American dredges, the first launched in Florida on October 26, 1946, and the second on January 4, 1947, and towed to Indonesia. 56 Tin ore was shipped directly to the Longhorn smelter which the Billiton Mij. S. government. The largest postwar year was 1949 when 15,223 tons of tin worth $ 32,851,078 were shipped from Indonesia to the United States. Adding shipments of pigs of tin refined in Indonesia and the Netherlands, the total value of Indonesian tin imported into the United States in 1949 was nearly fifty million dollars.

245. 2 Folger, H. , "Petroleum, Its Production and Products," Official Doc. No. , Annual Report of the Secretary of Internal Affairs, 1892 (Harrisburg: State Printer, 1893), Part III, Industrial Statistics, Vol. XX, p. 157. S. State Department, Commercial Relations I863, p. 81. AMERICANS IN SUMATRA June 30, r864, 200 cases (r,ooo gallons) of kerosene being imported in r864- 4 The name of the first vessel is lost since such a small quantity was probably listed among the "sundries" brought to Batavia by American ships.

Charles W. Thomas 26 Jan. 1958 (Vice Consul Winston C. Oliver 6 April 1958) (Vice Consul S. Paul Miller, Jr. O. Robert S. Lindquist 23 Aug. 1959 (Vice Consul Robert L. Taylor 4 Sept. s. Commodity in rank of value Crude Rubber Crude oil Tin Pepper Cassia Tea Sisal Patchouli Oil Palm Oil Tobacco Wrapper II. Abaca 12. Sago 13· Damar 14· Palm Kernel Oil 15· Rattan Total value I. 2. 3· 4· 5· 6. 7· 8. 9· 10. Imports from Sumatra I959 Quantity in pounds unless stated 354,141,652 24,234,710 455,921 26,973,158 10,448,397 3,463,212 2,531 64,535 1,390,702 19,756 231 1,005,495 171,296 257,5 13 19,276 bbl.

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