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Great fresh reproduction. lacking airborne dirt and dust hide. the landlord signed her identify contained in the disguise. Binding and pages are in nice !

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T o ask these qu estions is to answer th em, even if we lacked th e indications of Stalin's determi nation to be in at the F ar Eastern kill, which we have. A ny intelligen t Ame rican, after giving the 32 m att er suffici ent thought, would know th at the aim of Roosevelt and M arshall at Yalta sho uld have been not how to get th e Ru ssians in, but how to keep th em out. I have evide nce of four occasions before Yalta on which Stalin indic ated to A me rican officials his desires in th is respect.

Leahy observes drily th at th e President h ad to give "d irect and positive orders" to Marshall before Stilwell was at long last called home. How does that compare with Marsh all's att itude tow ard the great proconsul of Jap an ? What accounts for the difference ? Stilwell pl ayed with the R eds in China; MacArthur, on the other hand, made no secret of his wish to br eak th eir pow er over Asi a. In whose cause was M arsh all enlisted when he fought with such bitter obduracy to retain at Chungking the fri end of the stooges of Moscow?

Roosevelt kn ew of this : so, presumably, d id Marshall. It shou ld be noted th at Stalin ascribed Ru ssian int erests as his motive for fighting Japan. The Red Czar next inform ed Ge neral Patri ck J. Hurley of his intentions. A nd in A pril of 1943 Hurley so reported to Ad miral Le ah y. The reference is on page 147 of Leah y's book, and I qu ote him: Hurley saw Stalin ':. '; ':. and the Marshal told him that after Germany was defeated, he would assist America in the war against Japan. ':. ':.

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