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Hypotheses generated by proximity analysis are used when computing bilateral symmetry (Cf. sec. 3). 4 SHADOWS 59 hypothesized connections. These connection hypotheses are taken as only weak evidence for linking. Thus, for the purposes of recognition, we ignore the isolated pieces first, and try to verify the connections suggested by the model (this assumes that a correct model is available). If the programs were acquiring models without human assistance, we would want to use multiple views (matching of two descriptions is discussed in sec.

When convergence fails, it is concluded that the part has no good description as a cone with the axis in the prescribed direction. This part may be later described as a cone with some other axis. Some areas may have no good descriptions in terms of cones and no cone descriptions might result for them. Description of such parts requires other primitives and is not considered in this work. Cone Extensions: Once an axis, cross-section description of a part is found, we try to extend the cone continuously over a larger part of the body.

Context must be used to join some segmented parts or further segment a part at some higher level. Alternate descriptions are used when multiple description hypotheses are reasonable. ) In this chapter we discuss the techniques that generate a number of alternate segmentations and the basis for choosing among the alternatives. The following chapter covers further symbolic descriptions for the selected segmentations. The body separation was discussed in sec. 3; in this chapter, we will be concerned with descriptions of one body.

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