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Motivation it's now attainable to construct strong single-processor and multiprocessor platforms and use them successfully for info processing, which has visible an explosive ex­ pansion in lots of components of desktop technological know-how and engineering. One method of assembly the functionality requisites of the purposes has been to make use of the main strong single-processor method that's on hand. whilst this type of approach doesn't give you the functionality specifications, pipelined and parallel technique­ ing constructions might be hired. the idea that of parallel processing is a depar­ ture from sequential processing. In sequential computation one processor is in­ volved and plays one operation at a time. nevertheless, in parallel computation numerous processors cooperate to resolve an issue, which reduces computing time simply because a number of operations will be conducted at the same time. utilizing numerous processors that interact on a given computation illustrates a brand new paradigm in computing device challenge fixing that is different from sequential processing. From the sensible viewpoint, this gives enough justification to enquire the concept that of parallel processing and similar concerns, equivalent to parallel algorithms. Parallel processing consists of using numerous elements, equivalent to parallel architectures, parallel algorithms, parallel programming lan­ guages and function research, that are strongly interrelated. in most cases, 4 steps are serious about acting a computational challenge in parallel. step one is to appreciate the character of computations within the particular program domain.

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4. Distribution Network, which transfers the result data from the processing elements to memory. The result is sent back through the distribution network to the destination in memory. 5. Control Processing Unit, which performs functional operations on data tokens and manages all other activities. Processing Unit QeSUI! 33. A pictorial view of MIT data flow architecture. 42 Parallel Processing and Parallel Algorithms Data Driven Processor Data Flow Architecture (DDP) This data flow architecture is based on the MIT design and was developed at Texas Instruments, Inc.

The third and highest level consists of a group of clusters connected by Inter-Cluster Buses. A processor within a cluster can access to the memory of the other clusters via this level of hierarchy. 26. A major drawback of these architectures is that the bandwidth of the interconnection network must be substantial to ensure good performance. This is because, in each instruction cycle, every processor may need to access a word from the shared memory through the interconnection network. Furthermore, memory access through the interconnection network can be slow, since a read or write request may have to pass through multiple stages in the network.

A pictorial view of loosely coupled MIMD architecture, known as messagepassing, local-memory or non-uniform memory access (NUMA) MIMD. MIMD computers can also be modeled as either private-address-space or shared-address-space computers. Both models can be implemented on GMMIMD and LM-MIMD architectures. Private-address-space computers combine the benefits of message-passing architectures with the programming advantages of shared-memory architectures. A example of this machine is I-Machine from MIT, with a small private memory, a large number of processors, and a global address space.

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