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By John McDermid

Contains the underlying technology and arithmetic of software program engineering, software program improvement know-how, software program undertaking administration and rules of functions. Stressing basic and solid thoughts, the ebook additionally summarizes the cutting-edge in software program engineering tools and instruments

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For a deterministic statement, however, where every valid initial state corresponds to a unique final state, the equality will hold. Consider a state which satisfies wp(P,Q) v wp(P,R). If we execute P from this state we must end up in a unique state which satisfies either Q or R or both. Thus wp(P,Q A R)=>wp (P,Q) v wp(P,R), and so the => in the above law could become an = . Now for the laws which are specific to a particular programming language. To explain these properly, it is necessary to introduce a simple programming language as a vehicle for discussion.

There is obviously a close connection between a derivation and a rule of the formal system. The distinction, however, is that rules need not, and usually cannot, be proved, but form part of the statement of the formal system; derivations need to be proved, and form part of the emergent properties of the formal system. Once a derivation, or a theorem, has been proved, however, it is usual to allow it to be elevated to the status of a rule within the formal system, and to allow its subsequent reuse in new proofs and derivations.

Unfortunately, this notation, although widely used, is not a standard. It is sometimes used to denote total correctness, and a variety of alternative notations exist for both partial and total correctness. It is important to note that correctness, as stated here, does not suggest a software development strategy or method. If we relax our notation of correctness slightly, however, and allow statements of the form: {pre}P{post} where P can be a program or another specification, then the way has been paved for a technique known as refinement.

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